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We are looking for writers!

We're looking to recruit a few new faces to our happy band of contributors. If that sounds like a vaguely interesting proposition, email and introduce yourself.

None of our writers are paid - this site is a hobby for all - but we can help with contacts and have been a good stepping stone into film journalism and the film production industry for a growing number of people. If you're keen on building up a solid portfolio of work and contacts then this is the perfect opportunity.

We're especially keen to hear from any female writers who want to break into film criticism and journalism.

Right now the key roles we're looking to fill are:

News gatherers

This involves building relationships with PR companies, posting announcements and scouring the web for any film-related news.

Film Reviewers

Reviewing the latest films before they're on general release! We can get you access to press screenings in London if you're willing to review for us.

DVD and Blu-ray Reviewers

If you're interested in Blu-ray / HD reviews then having a decent home set-up is important, as is an interest in the more technical aspects of the discs. Techy terms shouldn't scare you - you need to know the difference between anamorphic and 4K, understand what HDR is and be able to be a tiny bit picky about picture and sound quality!

For all roles, commitment to deliver regular copy is more important than previous experience. We can't offer payment for your writing right now, but we're trying our hardest to make that a possibility in the future.

More details about the roles will be available by request.

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