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Watchmen (R2/UK BD) in July - Artwork added

Paramount Home Entertainment have announced the UK DVD and Blu-ray Disc release of Watchmen on 27th July 2009. Zack Synder directs this live-action adaptation of the Watchmen graphic novel by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons.

Single-Disc DVD - 16mins of extras, £19.99 RRP. Features include:

  • 2.35:1 Anamorphic Widescreen
  • English DD5.1 Surround
  • English Audio Description
  • English, English HOH, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish subtitles (Film & Extras)
  • Mechanics: Technologies of Fantastic World (16:10mins)

Two-Disc DVD - 110mins of extras, £24.99 RRP. As above, plus a second disc with the following content:
  • Subtitles: English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Turkish, Spanish
  • The Phenomenon: The Comic That Changed Comics (27:38mins)
  • Real Superheroes, Real Vigilantes (25:15mins)
  • Video Journals (Webisodes):
    • Minutemen (3:27mins)
    • Sets & Sensibility (3:48mins)
    • Dressing for Success (2:59mins)
    • The Ship Has Eyes (4:12mins)
    • Dave Gibbons (3:16mins)
    • Burn Baby Burn (2:10mins)
    • Shoot To Thrill (3:09mins)
    • Blue Monday (2:55mins)
    • Attention To Detail (2:49mins)
    • Girls Kick Ass (2:59mins)
    • Rorschach’s Mask (3:39mins)
  • Viral Video: 10 Years Of Dr. Manhattan (1970: NBS Special News Report) (3:05mins)
  • Music Video – My Chemical Romance, Desolation Row (3:09mins)

Blu-ray Disc - 3-Disc set with all of the extras from the 2-Disc DVD plus a digital copy of the film. Audio is 5.1 Dolby TrueHD. £29.99 RRP. Also includes 3 additional viral videos:
  • The Keene Act & You (1977: US Public Service Announcement)
  • Who Watches The Watchmen? (1983: Celebrity News Feature)
  • World In Focus (1985: British Late Night Discussion Programme)

All three releases feature the the 163-minute theatrical cut only (155mins on DVD after PAL speed-up). There is no director's cut UK release at this time.

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