Watch David Lynch short film Fire (Pozar) for the first time

Written, directed and animated by David Lynch in 2015, a 5-year-old short called Fire (Pozar) has been made available to watch for the first time by the director.

Lynch already announced the news via Twitter on Monday by saying:

Dear Twitter Friends, David Lynch Theater presents FIRE (POZAR) on Wednesday, May 20th at 10 A.M. PDT.

— David Lynch (@DAVID_LYNCH) May 18, 2020

In an interview with the USC School of Music in 2015, Lynch spoke about his inspiration for the short, saying: “The whole point of our experiment was that I would say nothing about my intentions and Marek would interpret the visuals in his own way. So I say it was a great successful experiment, and I loved the composition Marek wrote for the Penderecki String Quartet.”

The composer he is referring to is Marek Zebrowski, who also commented in the same article that “Without trying to be too explicit, I tried to illustrate further what David was doing. For example, there is something that looks like a hailstorm and I used a lot of pizzicato, but I also used a soaring melodic line to add a lyrical element to it.”

On Lynch's birthday back in January, he also unveiled a new 17-minute short film called What Did Jack Do? on Netflix, which saw him play a homicide detective conducting an interview with a talking monkey.

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