Watch Bait director Mark Jenkin’s short film David Bowie is Dead

The director’s 2018 short is free to watch for the next 7 days

Writer-director Mark Jenkin last year won a BAFTA for his latest effort, Bait, putting a much-deserved spotlight on the work of the British director. Aside from surprising many by winning the award for ‘Outstanding Film Debut’, the film was also a big success at the UK box office, grossing almost £500,000 on a tiny budget.

This morning he has made his 2018 short film, David Bowie is Dead available on Vimeo to watch for the next 7 days, summarising it as a “Super8 road movie around London in the turbulent wake of David Bowie’s death.”

A summary on IMDb also calls the film “A relentless dream of ektachromatic consciousness, spanning two decades of black and white ‘progress’ in a single urgent synaptic utterance – this transcendent electronic beat poem leaps impossibly between the end of the line, then and now, moving inexorably towards the vanishing point of its own spontaneous entropy.”

Jenkin shared the news on Instagram this morning, later adding on Twitter an image of the script that was “written in a bit of a frenzy over 3 nights…” The short lasts for 17 minutes and travels in and out of London, with a stream of conciousness-style of narration used in tandem with the visuals.

You can watch David Bowie is Dead on Mark Jenkin’s Vimeo page for the next 7 days.

Steven Sheehan

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

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