Watch Agnès Varda's short film The Little Story of Gwen from French Brittany

Non-profit organisation, American Cinematheque, which is involved with promoting the history of film and cinema culture, is modernising its approach during the coronavirus crisis to offer supporters access to some of its stored material.

Agnès Vardas’s extremely rare short, The Little Story of Gwen From French Brittany, has been made available to watch online for free via their YouTube channel, as revealed by Deadline. The French New Wave pioneer passed away early last year but her work remains treasured by many and few have had the opportunity to view this short film.

The Gwen mentioned in the title is Gwen Deglise, the Head Programmer for American Cinematheque. Deglise wrote an open letter to members of the organisation: “Today, now as Head Programmer of the organization, I think back fondly on all the memories with Agnès including her encouragement 26 years ago to move to L.A. and to seek out the American Cinematheque. I cherish the long evenings spent together planning her events at the AC, as well as the wisdom she offered at many of life’s important moments. Of her many gifts: her curiosity was limitless, her appetite for life boundless. The endless inventiveness of her art shines through in her films and was inspiring to witness, and a privilege to be close to.”

Shot over a number of years, the short features their first meeting in Paris in 1996 and the numerous occasions that followed in the years to come, detailing Deglise's "L.A. story". “’Our lives often crossed paths’,” as Agnès would again say a week before she passed away last year,” Deglise added.

The Cinematheque currently operate out of the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood and Aero Theatre in Santa Monica, although the sale of the Egyptian to Netflix is currently pending. As part of the negotiations they are hoping to continue offering film programs on weekends.

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