Watch a very impressive fan made stop-motion version of Toy Story 3

Titled - Toy Story 3 In Real Life - brothers Morgan and Mason McGrew spent 8 long years putting together this shot-for-shot recreation of Pixar’s Toy Story 3 using real toys. When you consider they are still only 20 and 23 respectively, you can see how much of their childhood this project has taken up - although the results are definitely worth it.

Using nothing but iPhones, the brothers carefully mimicked every shot in the film accompanied by the original audio. Apparently Walt Disney have given them their blessing to put the film online, so having racked up over one million views in less than a week, it should remain online for the foreseeable future.

On their Facebook page the brothers left a statement that reads: "How did this project begin? Well, it all started after my brother and I had seen ‘Toy Story 3’ on its opening night. It instantly became our favorite film and….you could say an obsession kinda ensued. I mean, we began collecting just about EVERY new toy from the film to accompany the ones we had as kids. Yeah, a slight obsession. Let’s fast forward 2 years. By this time I’m (Morgan) 16, and I finally realize that ‘Toy Story 3’ was more than just my favorite film. It actually was kinda my life. I was growing up, and I still am (obviously). Anyway, I didn’t want to miss my chance to thank Pixar for making ‘Toy Story 3’ and every other film for that matter. So with a love for Pixar, ‘Toy Story 3’ and filmmaking, the Live Action Toy Story 3 project began.”

The McGrews show real talent given they started the project so young (and still are) and it's pleasing to hear that Disney are not going corporate on this one. Check it out for yourself above and prepare to be impressed.

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