Watch a new short film by the Safdie Bros. starring Adam Sandler

Watch a new short film by the Safdie Bros. starring Adam Sandler

Most people hoped Uncut Gems would get a little love at this year’s Oscars but it wasn’t to be. But for fans who feel a little let down by the nominations this week, the Safdie Bros. are here to cheer you up. Late last night they unexpectedly released a new six-minute short, starring Adam Sandler and Benny Safdie.

Called Goldman v Silverman, there isn’t much to the short, but for anyone craving a little more of the Safdie-Sandler magic, this is a nice little chaser to follow on from the feature length film. It features Sandler and Benny Safdie as two street performers doing the same show and clashing over their territory. Here's the brief synopsis:

Rod Goldman and Al Silverman are street performers who work the tourist scene of Times Square. Goldman gets no respect and Silverman is the first one to make sure of that.

While Uncut Gems was snubbed by the Oscars across the board, it has picked up some awards in recent months, with the Safdie Bros. winning Best Director at the New York Film Critics Circle and Best Screenplay at the National Board of Review.

And, of course, most people who have seen the film have been won over, despite how anxious it may make them feel. In our review ahead of the UK release last week, we called it “a fantastically tense drama, with Sandler’s comedic background really helping to heighten the deliberately farcical nature of the character’s decisions.” Check out Goldman v Silverman below.

Uncut Gems arrives on Netflix from January 31.

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