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Warner R2 Catalogue Titles in August

Warner Home Video have announced several catalogue titles for UK Region 2 DVD in August. Priced at £12.99 each are…

14th August 2006

Flirting (1992)
Australia, 1965. Shy Danny Embling (Noah Taylor, The Year My Voice Broke, Shine) discovers love with another outsider, Ugandan Thandiwe Adjewa (Thandie Newton, Crash), who attends a nearby girls' school. Danny and Thandiwe's relationship opens new worlds to both of them and helps them cope with the petty cruelty of their schoolmates, including icy, beautiful, sexually repressed Nicola Radcliffe (Nicole Kidman), in this charming, insightful coming-of-age story. The second in a trilogy of films by director John Duigan that began with The Year My Voice Broke, Flirting encapsulates all the painful awkwardness of adolescence.

The General (1998)
Mastermind criminal, family man, legendary folk hero and notorious Irish gangster- Martin Cahill (Brendan Gleeson, Braveheart), was known to many as The General. John Boorman (Deliverance, Point Blank) wrote, produced and directed this fascinating true story which reveals the man behind the growing myth. During Cahill's 20-year criminal reign, he steals fortunes through intimidation, brutality and meticulous planning. Inspector Ned Kenny (Jon Voight, Coming Home, Deliverance), is determined to bring Cahill down, and relentlessly pursues the cunning ringleader and his gang.

21st August 2006

They Were Expendable (1946)
Robert Montgomery and John Wayne star as two sailors assigned to an American PT Boat (Patrol and Torpedo), a small wooden ship that is relied upon for speed, stealth and firepower. When the Japanese bomb the naval installation at Pearl Harbor, their dangerous mission is to slow the Japanese conquest and give the United States time to rebuild its fleet. With the Philippines blockaded, the PT boats are small enough to slip through Japanese infested waters in Subic Bay to evacuate high-ranking officials from the beleaguered islands. Based on the novel by William L. White, director John Ford’s 1945 film follows a handful of brave men who faced the entire Japanese military knowing they must not fail- and knowing THEY WERE EXPENDABLE.

Dunkirk (1958)
Sir John Mills stars as a young officer who is forced to become one of many heroes when Britain and France face defeat on the shores of Dunkirk. In the early days of World War II, the German Army seems unstoppable. The Nazis have swept through the low countries of Northern Europe--and now France itself has fallen to the Germans. Confronted with the total loss of its army, Britain mobilizes every citizen who can sail a boat in a desperate bid to evacuate its defeated soldiers from the coast of France. Now, with their military humbled and their nation square in the Germans' sights, every person in Britain faces a life-or-death test: Some reveal themselves as cowards ... but many more find within themselves an unexpected courage and heroism in this dramatic story of a pivotal moment in history. Director Leslie Norman’s 1958 film is based on the novel The Big Pickup by Elleston Trevor and the play Dunkirk by J.S. Bradford and Ewan Butler.

28th August 2006

Spies Like Us (1985)
Chevy Chase and Dan Akryod star in this Cold War comedy as two misfits who aspire to spy for the CIA. Much to their surprise, they are trained as operatives and sent to Central Asia. But the biggest secret of their covert operation is that they are expendable decoys, for another team of agents sent on the real mission, and no one expects them to survive.

Caddyshack II (1988)
Chevy Chase and Dan Akryod re-team for Caddyshack II the sequel to the hit 1980 comedy. A self-made blue-collar millionaire is snubbed by the snobs when he tries to join a ritzy country club as a favour to his social-climbing daughter. But he soon discovers that the only way to join the club is to buy it- and then get his own back by turning it into an amusement park!

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