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Warner DVD/Blu-ray Schedule Sneak Peek

Update: Since posting the original article Warner have contacted us requesting the Q4 dates be removed as they are not confirmed. Although we stated the dates in the article were not confirmed and almost certainly subject to change, we kind of expected this reaction and so are removing them. What follows is a revised piece (just the dates we're allowed to post), one that due to the request from Warner really tells you very little about their plans...

Blu-ray Catalogue:

6th July – True Romance
28th September – Payback

Catalogue DVD titles include:

13th July – Ben Hur 50th Anniversary Special Edition (2-Disc)
21st September - Paul Newman Collection Volume 2 (Silver Chalice, The Helen Morgan Story, The Outrage, Rachel Rachel, When Time Ran Out)

TV on DVD:

27th July – Gilmore Girls Season 4
10th August – Gossip Girl Season 2 Part 2
14th September – Entourage Season 5 (HBO)
21st September – Supernatural Season 4 Part 2
21st September – ER Season 15
21st September – Banana Splits Season 1
21st September – Star Wars: Clone Wars Volume 2
21st September – Gimme Shelter
28th September – Gossip Girl Complete Season 2

TV on DVD & Blu-ray:

28th September - Fringe

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