Warner bring you the 'War In The East' Collection

Warner Home Video have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of War In The East: World War 2 Collection for 21st July 2003. Available to buy individually for £12.99 RRP or as a three-disc box set for £29.99 RRP are three classic World War 2 movies...

Battle Cry (1955) - When a group of eager young men enlist in the Marines in 1942, they don't expect to spend all their time kicking their heels engaged in training assignments and carrying out non-combatant roles. Frustrated, the only benefit appears to be having extra time to devote to their wartime romances, particularly that between Private Andy Hookens (Aldo Rey) and Pat, a New Zealand widow. But just as they decide to commit to one another, the Marines finally see some action…

Special Features - Theatrical Trailer
£12.99 RRP, Colour, Cert PG, 142 mins, 5.1 Dolby Digital Soundtrack, Aspect Ratio 2.55:1

Objective Burma (1945) - Hollywood legend Errol Flynn leads the troops in this suspense filled journey through the sweltering Burmese jungle. When his unit are parachuted behind enemy lines on a mission to destroy a key Japanese radar station, it appears that everything is going their way: the objective is accomplished, and they reach their rendezvous at a disused air-strip. However, the presence of waiting enemy soldiers forces a re-think, with a long, tense walk through a jungle filled with Japanese soldiers standing between them and safety.

Special Features - 2 classic Warner Bros. wartime shorts & Theatrical Trailer
£12.99 RRP, Black & white, Cert PG, 135 mins, Mono Soundtrack, Aspect Ratio 1.33:1

Operation Pacific (1951) - Dedicated Navy man Duke Gifford (John Wayne) has a tough time trying to take command of a US submarine following the death of his commanding officer. For one thing, Duke feels guilty over the events that led to the captain's death. Add the fact that his ex-wife (Patricia Neil) is aboard serving as a nurse, and that she's more than determined to become his love interest, and he's a man with a lot on his mind. These factors, plus faulty weapons and a sea full of Japanese ships make his assignment all the more hazardous.

Special Features - Theatrical Trailer
£12.99 RRP, Black & white, Cert U, 105 mins, Mono Soundtrack, Aspect Ratio 1.37:1

Here is a look at the box artwork.

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