Warner bring you an On The Buses Triple Feature DVD

Warner Home Video have announced an On The Buses DVD Triple Feature release for 4th August 2003 with a retail price of £19.99. This two-disc set includes all three of the movie spin-offs from the hugely popular TV series featuring the madcap adventures of Stan, Jack and Blakey at the Luxton and District Bus Depot.

Each film will be presented in the original 1.33:1 Full Screen aspect ratio with the exception of Mutiny On The Buses that will be in 1.75:1 Widescreen (anamorphic enhancement has not been specified). All films will feature the original Mono soundtracks.

On The Buses - Stan (Reg Varney) gets a little annoyed when his mum and sister keep buying expensive items on hire purchase, but the overtime he earns at the Depot means that he can afford it... just! Bus drivers are hard to come by, and his overtime prospects are good, until the bus company decide to revoke a long standing rule and employ women bus drivers! Birds! Driving the buses! Aghast, he joins forces with conductor Jack (Bob Grant) to sabotage the new female employees.

Mutiny On The Buses - Bus driver Stan agrees to marry Suzy (Janet Mahoney), much to the anguish of his mum (Doris Hare), his sister Olive (Anna Karen) and her layabout husband Arthur (Michael Robbins). How will they ever manage without Stan's money coming in? Arthur learns to drive a bus and Stan blackmails the Depot Manager into giving him the job of driver on the lucrative new Special Tours Bus. A great idea…if only the inspector hadn't taken Stan on his trial run to Windsor Safari Park!

Holiday On The Buses - Three crashed buses, one piece of destroyed council property and a written-off car belonging to the Depot Manager add up to instant dismissal for Stan, Jack and Inspector Blakey (Stephen Lewis). Stan and Jack think that all is saved when they find work running the transport in a Welsh holiday camp. Then they discover that old adversary Blakey has been installed as Camp Security Inspector… "I hate you Butler!"

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