Warner announce The Jazz Singer and Sweet Dreams for March

Warner Home Video has announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of two dramatic musical biopics for 22nd March 2004. Arriving with a retail price of £12.99 each are...

The Jazz Singer - Following in the family tradition maintained by his proud Orthodox father, Yussel Rabinovitch (Neil Diamond) is the latest Cantor of his local synagogue. Blessed with a beautiful singing voice and with a loving wife at his side, Yussel's life seems to be mapped out in front of him. But the restrictions of religious music can't satisfy his secret craving for life as a jazz singer.

When his father (Laurence Olivier) discovers that Yussel has been moonlighting with a Harlem soul group, the confrontation that follows leads Yussel to leave his family behind to seek a new life as a musician in California. He finds success and a new love, but at a cost: cut off from his family, Yussel still cannot find happiness. Has he strayed too far from his roots, and will his family ever be willing to accept his new life?

Cert: PG (tbc); 110 mins; Stereo Soundtrack; Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1 16x9

Sweet Dreams - From her beginnings in 1956 as an obscure singer scraping a living in local bars and clubs to her untimely death in a plane crash in 1963, Reisz's biopic traces Patsy Cline's (Jessica Lange) struggle to establish herself as a successful recording artist, focusing on the pressures she encountered along the way. Struggling with her turbulent marriage to Charlie Dick (Ed Harris) she tries to balance the needs of her children with the pressures of constant touring.

While Patsy's career takes off, Charlie's jealousy manifests itself in increasingly drunken, abusive behaviour until their inevitable but acrimonious break up. Finally, just as her single Sweet Dreams hits the charts, comes the tragic conclusion to her meteoric rise to fame.

Cert: 15; 110 mins; Mono Soundtrack; Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1

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