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Warner Home Video have announced four titles for release in October/November - including a couple of horror classics to cash in on Halloween.

The biggest release of the lot is Natural Born Killers which is going to be available as a retail release for the first time ever from 12 November. Directed by Oliver Stone, the film attracted a lot of controversy when it was released back in 1995. It tells the story of Mickey and Mallory: outcasts, lovers and serial killers. They travel across Route 666 conducting psychadelic mass slaughters just for the hell of it. The DVD is appropriately specced with a commentary by Oliver Stone, a 30-minute making of documentary, 30-minutes of deleted scenes, a 10 minute interview with Stone and an alternative ending. The disc will feature a 1.85:1 anamorphic widescreen transfer and Dolby Digital 5.1 sound. The retail price will be £19.99. In addition there will also be a boxset retailing for £24.99 which will include the DVD, 6 art cards, a reproduction of the cinema poster and the original screenplay by Quentin Tarantino.

29 October will see the release of Dracula: Prince of Darkness and She, both retailing for £12.99. The former is set ten years after the death of Count Dracula, but terror still reigns in the hearts of local inhabitants. Four English tourists ignore warnings and travel in a driverless carriage to Dracula's castle. Their ghoulish host is played by Christopher Lee. The DVD will feature a 2.55:1 transfer and mono sound.

She stars Bond-girl, Ursula Andress, and is an adaptation of the novel by H.Rider Haggard. A Cambridge professor and his friends hear tales, whilst travelling in Palestine, of a lost city in deepest Africa ruled by a beautiful woman seeking her true love. Intrigued by the legend the set off across the desert in search of the strange land. Little do they know that they are being led into a trap of the immortal She, the cold blooded queen Ayesha. Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee also star and the DVD will feature a 2.35:1 transfer and mono sound.

Finally we have Michael Mann's excellent The Last of the Mohicans - also due on 29 October. Set in the mountainous frontier of the colony of New York in 1757, The Last of the Mohicans charts the struggle of Hawkeye (Daniel Day Lewis) in the complex war waged between the English and French and their respective allies among both the settlers and Indians. Adopted by the Mohicans when his white settler parents were killed, Hawkeye belongs to neither culture and fights a battle within when he wins the love of an English Colonels daughter (Madeleine Stowe). The DVD will feature the theatrical trailer, a music-only track and will be presented in anamorphic 2.35:1 widescreen with Dolby Digital 5.1 sound. The retail price will be £19.99.

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