Warner announce Cats and Dogs for an Xmas release

Another summer blockbuster makes its way to R2 DVD (and much quicker than anyone previously thought) this time in the form of Cats and Dogs due for release by Warner Bros on the 3rd December 2001 retailing at £19.99. Specs are as follows...

  • 1:85:1 Anamorphic Widescreen
  • Dolby Digital 5.1 Audio
  • Audio commentary with Sean Hayes (Mr. Tinkles), Christopher De Faria (producer), James D Bissell (Art Director) and Lawrence Guterman (Director)
  • Teaching a new dog new tricks special effects featurette showing the special acting training the animals received for the production
  • HBO first look special
  • Dog and cat trivia game
  • Hilarious never before seen audition footage of Mr. Tinkles as a struggling actor before his big break in Cats & Dogs including Apocalypse Meow, C2: The Catinator, Furriest Gump and The Sixth Scratch
  • Pro-dog and pro-cat Easter eggs
  • Story board to scene comparisons
  • Trailer
  • DVD ROM links to web sites

Worth noting here is how we are treated to a Widescreen release with no sign of a nasty Pan & Scan issue unlike the recent R1 editions (where a Pan & Scan edition threatened the very existence of a widescreen transfer).

Source: The R2 Project

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