Walt Disney Treasures Wave 3 this December

Coming to Disney DVD on 18th May 2004 is Wave 3 of the extremely limited Walt Disney Treasures series. The titles included this time round are...

The Chronological Donald - Celebrating the career of the most prolific of Walt's classic characters, this high-spirited collection presents all of Donald Duck's starring shorts from "Donald and Pluto" in 1936 to "Chef Donald" in 1941 (36 shorts).

A still from The Chronological Donald

Mickey Mouse in Living Color Volume Two - Celebrating Mickey Mouse's career in film, this volume covers Mickey's films from 1939 to 1995 including some of his most loved performances in "Society Dog Show", "Tugboat Mickey", "Mickey and the Seal", "Pluto's Party" and many more (21 shorts).

Walt Disney on the Front Lines - During World War II the Disney Studios lent its talents to the patriotic cause of winning the war. This fascinating collection showcases the training, propaganda and educational films, as well as hundreds of insignia designs, which the Studio delivered to the war effort (32 shorts).

A still from Mickey Mouse in Living Color Volume Two

Walt Disney's Tomorrowland - Walt Disney's vision of space exploration comes alive in this compilation of "Disneyland" TV shows about outer space and the opportunities and challenges of space travel (6 programs).

Look for a follow-up piece just as soon as we have the full disc specs and artwork.

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