Waiting for Anya trailer: Anjelica Huston and Jean Reno form an alliance during World War II

Waiting for Anya is based on Sir Michael Morpurgo's 1990 children's book of the same name, an author perhaps best known for his classic War Horse novel. Director Ben Cookson adapts the material for his second film which is set in World War II telling the story of Jewish children being secretly transported to Spain during the conflict. With 1917 likely to collect some big awards at the Academy Awards a week before this arrives in the UK, the timing of its release by Kaleidoscope Entertainment's could be just right to give it a little push during this quiet time of the year. Watch the first trailer for Waiting for Anya above to find out more.

Adapted from the novel by the author of War Horse, Waiting for Anya follows Jo, a thirteen-year-old shepherd boy, and reclusive widow Horcada who come together with their village to help smuggle Jewish children into Spain during the harrows of WWII.

Cookson (Almost Married) directs a cast starring Noah Schnapp, Anjelica Huston, Jean Reno and Sadie Frost.

Waiting For Anya plays in cinemas and on-demand digital platforms from February 7, before arriving in the UK on February 14.

Waiting for Anya (2018)
Dir: Ben Cookson | Cast: Anjelica Huston, Jean Reno, Noah Schnapp, Thomas Kretschmann | Writers: Michael Morpurgo (novel), Toby Torlesse (screenplay)

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