VS. trailer: A battle rap drama set on the east coast of England

The UK rap scene took some time to find its own voice and during that time grime emerged off the back of garage to become the dominant force. A new film called VS. is set in the UK battle scene over on the east coast of England in Southend. It's not a subject often put to the big screen, although finding the intensity and energy of the setting is not always so easy to dramatise. The film will also be making its debut at the London Film Festival before then and you can take a look at the trailer for VS. above now.

Southend’s battle-rap scene comes to the big screen, in this sharp-tongued drama starring Connor Swindells as a troubled teenager trying to make rhyme pay.

Ed Lilly is directing his debut film, with a cast featuring Conor Swindells, Paigey Cakey, Fola Evans-Akingbola and British battle rapper Shotty Horroh.

VS. opens in UK cinemas on October 16th 2018. If you want to catch any of the two showings at LFF before then, you can buy tickets here right now.

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