Vox Lux teaser trailer: Natalie Portman is a pop star staging a big comeback

The success of actors playing popstars has been patchy at best and now Natalie Portman is set to give it a go in Vox Lux. The film is set to make its première at TIFF next week and the first teaser trailer has just been released. It is split into two halves; one telling the story of a teenage Portman and her sister, while the second half sees her attempting to make a comeback following a career filled with scandal. You can check out the teaser trailer of Vox Lux above.

The film begins in 1999 with teenage sisters Celeste (Raffey Cassidy) and Eleanor, who have survived a seismic, violent tragedy. The sisters compose and perform a song at about their experience, making something lovely and cathartic out of catastrophe — while also launching a career.

The sisters draw the attention of a passionate manager and are rapidly catapulted into fame and fortune, with Celeste as the star and Eleanor the creative anchor. By the film’s second half, set in 2017, the now 31-year-old Celeste (Portman) is mother to a teenage daughter of her own and struggling to navigate a career fraught with scandals when another act of terrifying violence demands her attention.

Brady Corbet (The Childhood of a Leader) writes and directs, with the supporting cast also featuring Jude Law, Jennifer Ehle and Stacey Martin.

There are no release dates for Vox Lux just yet but we'll keep you update as and when.

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