Viper Club trailer: Susan Sarandon goes all out to save her kidnapped son

Is there anyone who isn't doing their own original films now? Of course, we have Netflix and Amazon, Sky have recently entered the fray and YouTube Originals are now stepping up their game. Viper Club is different from the documentaries and TV shows they've started producing in that it is a straight up thriller starring two fantastic actresses in Susan Sarandon and Edie Falco. The title sounds like the famous 90s Hollywood celebrity spot Viper Rooms but it has nothing to do with that. Check out the trailer above to get a first look.

Helen (Sarandon) is a veteran emergency room nurse facing another kind of crisis when her only son - a war correspondent on foreign assignment — is taken hostage by a terrorist organization. Initially confident that the highest levels of her government will make her son's safe return a priority, Helen soon becomes disillusioned by the state's inaction and double-speak.

Isolated, frustrated, and alone, Helen finds a beacon of light in Charlotte (Falco), an enigmatic and effective activist who represents a covert group with proven successes in bypassing governments to free prisoners. Helen invests her fervent hope in Charlotte's refreshing pragmatism.

Maryam Keshavarz directs her second film with the supporting cast featuring Julian Morris, Matt Bomer, Lola Kirke, Adepero Oduye and Sheila Van.

Viper Club opens in late October in the US and will be available to stream for YouTube Premium members in January 2019.

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