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Here at DVD Times we now have a copy of the Buffy: Season 2 Region 1 boxset, due for release on 11 June. It would seem the advantages of this set over the Region 2 version are not only in price (just £30 at some retailers, against £60 for the Region 2):

  • The Region 1 set does include the "Previously..." sections that were bizarrely cut from the Region 2 version. (Note: see update below)

  • The R1 packaging is far more sensible - a 6-disc horizontal-folding digipack slipped in a cardboard holding case, which looks as nice as the R2 "book" style, and is far less likely to damage the discs (each disc is held by a plastic spindle).

  • There are six extra small interviews with Joss Whedon included in the R1 set, where he talks about the episodes Surprise, Innocence, Passion, I Only Have Eyes For You, Becoming, Part 1 and Becoming, Part 2.

UPDATE: On closer inspection, it appears that the majority of the "Previously..." sections are in fact missing from the Region 1 set too. It is certainly present on the first episode, When She Was Bad, but I have not yet found another episode which contains the recap. That said, the musical score does not seem to have been cut quite as clumsily as the R2 version.

The US set is very impressive, and is a bargain at such a cheap price. It also makes the R2 set look like rather a rip-off...

Included in the box is a small advert for Buffy: Season 3 on DVD, citing a release in Winter 2003. Our sources have found that the set is actually currently scheduled for December 2002 - I for one will definitely be waiting for that one, as it is likely to be half the price of the Region 2 set that was released last year.

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