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Untraceable (R2) in June

Universal Pictures have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of Untraceable on 23rd June 2008 priced at £19.99. Within the FBI there exists a division dedicated to investigating and prosecuting criminals on the internet. Welcome to the front lines of the war on cybercrime, where special Agent Jennifer Marsh (Diane Lane) and Griffin Dowd (Colin Hanks) have seen it all - until now. A tech-savvy internet predator is displaying his graphic murders on his own website and the fate of each of his tormented captives is left in the hands of the public: the more hits his site gets, the faster his victims die. When this game of cat and mouse becomes personal, Marsh and her team must race against the clock to track down this technical mastermind who is virtually untraceable.

Extras include:

Tracking Untraceable
- Taking us through the process of bringing this cutting edge script to the screen. We will explore what makes it such a relevant topic into today’s cyber-dominated world.

Untraceable: The Personnel Files
- The filmmakers join cast members Diane Lane (Jennifer Marsh), Colin Hanks (Griffin Dowd), Billy Burke (Eric Box), Mary Beth Hurt (Stella) and Perla Haney-Jardine (Annie) as we take a look at the cyber crimes team and the characters portrayed in the film.

The Blueprint of Murder
- We will take a journey through the production process of this visually stimulating film. We will get insights from production designer Paul Eads, Location Manager Jennifer Dunne, Set Decorator Cindy Carr, FBI advisor Jane Brillhart, Special Effects supervisor Larz Anderson and the filmmakers on the care that was taken to bring as much cinematic realism to these scenes as possible.

The Anatomy of Murder
Special Effects Makeup artist Matthew Mungle and the filmmakers give us a look behind the scenes of creating the gruesome murders at the heart of the film.

Audio Commentary with Gregory Hoblit and cast

Deleted Scenes

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