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Universal UK have announced their next two rental DVD titles.

The Watcher is due on 10 September and stars James Spader, Marisa Tomei and Keanu Reeves. Spader plays a retiring FBI agent, Joel Campbell, and Reeves is David Allen Griffin - the serial killer he's failed to apprehend. Unfortunately for Campbell, Griffin doesn't want to let things lie and follows Campbell to Chicago where he continues his gruesome rampage.

For all you rentalphobes out there, The Watcher is available on Region 1 DVD to buy now.

The Mexican received luke-warm reviews when it hit the cinemas earlier this year. Despite this, I quite enjoyed it. Brad Pitt plays Jerry, a reluctant messenger who is sent on journey to Mexico to recover a priceless antique gun - 'The Mexican'. Julia Roberts stars as his wife Samantha - and she's had enough of his escapades. When Jerry manages to lose the gun, his employers believe he has stollen it and kidnap Samantha. The Mexican also stars Gene Hackman and James Gandolfini and is due for rental release on 29 October.

The Region 1 retail release of The Mexican is due this week and it looks like a mighty fine disc with both DD5.1 and DTS soundtracks, deleted scenes, a commentary and making-of.

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