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Universal Playback TV on DVD July-September - Update!

Universal Playback have announced their summer plans with several instalments in all your favourite American TV series coming to UK DVD…

16th July 2007

Hardy Boys & Nancy Drew Mysteries: Season 1 - £27.99 - For generations of fans worldwide, The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew are two names synonymous with adventure. These young amateur detectives share a passion for solving mysteries and a reputation for getting into – and out of – some scary situations. Former teen sensations Shaun Cassidy, Parker Stevenson and Pamela Sue Martin star as the brave super-sleuths in 14 spooky episodes loaded with spellbinding action and smash-hit ‘pop’ songs, including Shaun Cassidy’s chart topping success, “Da Doo Ron Ron”.

23rd July 2007

Law and Order Season 5 - £44.99 - Detective Mike Logan (Noth) and his dedicated colleagues investigate and prosecute some of New York’s most dangerous criminals in this factually based series. It contains classic episodes such as “Family Values” based on the real-life Amy Fisher case and “Bad faith” based on the James Porter case.

Law and Order Special Victims Unit Season 3 - £44.99 – In the third season established cast members of Ice-T, Christopher Meloni, Stephanie March and Richard Belzer are joined by Mariska Hargitay as Detective Olivia Benson, devoted to putting away rape offenders on a regular basis - tough as nails on the outside but secretly falling apart on the inside.

Murder She Wrote Season 5 - £29.99 - This 6 disc set features 22 episodes that take TV’s most famous novelist turned investigator, Jessica Fletcher, from not-so-sleepy Cabot Cove to the dangerous bright lights of New York City and beyond.

30th July 2007

The Rockford Files Season 4 - £34.99 - James Garner’s square-jawed private investigator, Jim Rockford, returns for 22 episodes of mystery on this 6-disc set.

Dream On Season 1 - £27.99 - Martin Tupper (Brian Benben), a recently divorced editor in New York with a teenage son, sees life in movies. Single and firmly on the dating scene, Martin dates a host of different women in an attempt to feel fulfilled in life, making sense of these up and down relationships in his head by visualising life as old black and white movies and TV clips.

Brought to life by legendary sitcom creator Marta Kauffman, this post-modern masterpiece of a sit-com is generally seen as the precursor to later TV smash hits such as ‘Friends’, ‘Veronica’s Closet’ and ‘Joey’.

This first season sees the three main characters Martin, his son, and his best friend TV host Eddy, interact in their different ways with a whole host of attractive female cameo guests. These include, among others, Mimi Rogers, Jennifer Tilly, Elizabeth Shue and Courtney Cox.

6th August 2007

Mission Galactica: The Movie - £15.99 - The Battlestar Galactica is running dangerously low on fuel and all seems bleak when help comes to hand in the form of the supposedly lost Battlestar Pegasus, which is taking an offensive tactic with the arch enemy Cylons. The impending attack by the Cylon robots must be stopped. Two commanders, Commander Adama (Lorne Green) and Commander Cain (Lloyd Bridges), have differing views on how to defeat their enemies…what will the outcome be?

13th August 2007

Airwolf Season 3 - £34.99 – The third season of this classic action series starts off with a bang when Hawke is kidnapped and brainwashed by John Bradfrod Horn, an evil tycoon.

Miami Vice Season 4 - £49.99 - This season not only sees Sonny getting married, but true to style, the pair continue to hunt down a series of sleazy perps ranging from a drug-dealing serial killer, a corrupt Chilean police chief and a convicted rapist. –Audio is remastered in 5.1 Surround—

20th August 2007

Xena: Warrior Princess Season 3 - £34.99 - All 22 episodes from this action packed, swashbuckling third season, including ‘The Furies’ ‘Warrior…Priestess….Tramp’, ‘Maternal Instincts’ and the suspenseful two-part ‘Sacrifice’ are available in this not to be missed 6 disc set.

Xena: Warrior Princess Season 4 - £34.99 – The fourth season also arrives as a complete 6-disc set box set.

27th August 2007

The Real Housewives Of OC - £19.99 - The series focuses on five real-life housewives who live in suburban luxury in the mansions of Southern California. We expose the excitement, excess and extravagance of their everyday lives in this “Laguna Beach” for adults.

Taking inspiration from The OC and Desperate Housewives, our “wives”, Jeana, Tammy, Lauri, Kimberley and Vicki have everything they could ever want and spend their day’s botoxing, shopping for diamonds and lunching with friends. However, despite this luxury, we reveal how they share the same dramas and traumas as everyone else, proving that life isn’t always perfect, no matter what you have.

3rd September 2007

Battlestar Galactica Season 3 - Details here.

10th September 2007

Law and Order: Special Victims Unit Season 4 - £44.99 - The fourth season of this engaging series continues to deliver on its promise of quality writing, acting and suspense as Detective Stabler and Benson plough their way through a never ending stream of abuse cases.

Murder, She Wrote Season 6 - £29.99 - This season begins the practice of guest detective episodes, introduced by the show’s central character Jessica Fletcher (Angela Lansbury) as either a story she wrote or a tale told by a friend, but starring a variety of quirky investigators, such as an ex-football player (Ken Howard), a television crime-show producer who solved crime in real life (Diana Canova) and an abrasive homicide cop (Barry Newman).

17th September 2007

Monk Season 5 - £27.99 - This season sees the amiable detective go head to head with a popular radio DJ suspected of killing his wife, a serial killer roaming the streets of San Francisco and an actor trying to play… himself!

24th September 2007

The Incredible Hulk Season 2 - £34.99 - The cult 70’s popular television show box-set contains all 23 episodes, including the double feature episode “Married”.

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