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Universal Playback in August

Universal Playback have announced their UK Region 2 TV-on-DVD releases for August 2005 with two classic television crime series will be released on DVD for the first time: Murder She Wrote, and The Rockford Files plus a special Rebus DVD featuring three episodes.

Arriving on 29th August 2005 are...

Murder She Wrote: The Complete First Season
Join former substitute English teacher and famed mystery writer Jessica Fletcher in the award winning series Murder She Wrote. You see, it seems murder follows her around and Jessica not only enjoys writing about crime - she also likes to play a major part in solving it.

This hugely popular television series aired a total of 263 episodes from 1984 - 1996, and won numerous awards including two Emmy's© and six Golden Globes©. Available for the first time on DVD, the complete first series contains all 21 episodes (including the pilot show) all for just £29.99.

The Rockford Files Season 1
James Garner stars as Jim Rockford, a private investigator who lives and works in his trailer in Malibu, Los Angeles in the popular television crime series The Rockford Files. Jim is an ex-con who had been imprisoned for five years in San Quentin for armed robbery - which he did not commit and was later pardoned.

With a quarter page advertisement in the Yellow Pages, a gold Pontiac Firebird and an answering machine, which plays at the beginning of every episode with a random but often amusing message, Jim sets about solving each individual 'file'.

The show debuted on NBC on Sept. 13, 1974, Friday the 13th, and ran for a total of 6 years, with a 123 episodes. Within that time the show picked up four Emmy's© and was nominated for four Golden Globes©. Available for the first time on DVD, the first series contains all 23 episodes, all for just £34.99.

Rebus Season 1
Rebus is a series based on the novels of Ian Rankin, one of Scotland's well known contemporary writers of mysteries. Detective Inspector John Rebus (John Hannah) of the Edinburgh CID takes to the streets in search of the criminals committing the murders, drug dealing, money laundering and other crimes against his fellow Scots.

Starring John Hannah: one of Scotland's leading actors. John made his breakthrough with Four Weddings & A Funeral before going on to star in blockbusters such as The Mummy. Previous TV work has included Taggart, Boon, Between the Lines and Frasier, but it was as Inspector Rebus that brought him critical and public acclaim.

The double disc set priced at £19.99 contains three of the popular episodes: Black & Blue, Dead Souls and Hanging Garden and are released onto DVD ahead of new episodes, which are currently in production, being aired later this year.

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