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Universal Creature Features in March - Menus added

Universal Pictures have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of two great creature features from its sci-fi classics collection. Howard Hawks’ pioneering sci-fi shocker The Thing From Another World, and the comic horror Tremors Box Set featuring all four films from the series, will both arrive on DVD in March 2007.

The Thing From Another World arrives on 19th March 2007 priced at £15.99.

Hollywood legend Howard Hawks was the producer (and uncredited director) behind this seminal monster movie that effectively kick-started the alien sci-fi horror boom of the 50s. Scientists discover an alien craft and its pilot buried in ice in the arctic. When the alien thaws, the scientists face grisly consequences.

Later remade by John Carpenter, this new two-disc edition of the original features an exclusive commentary by John Carpenter along with a restored print and a colourised version of the film.

Disc 1 offers the film in both the original Black & White and Colourised versions (though both have a colour Turner logo preceding the original studio logos), with English DD2.0 audio and optional English subtitles. John Carpenter's commentary is available on the Black & White version and comes with optional English subtitles.

Disc 2 offers what appears to be a restored version of the main feature, with English DD2.0 audio and optional English subtitles.

Tremors Box Set arrives on 5th March 2007 priced at £19.99.

This set features the complete collection (Tremors 1-4), beginning with Ron Underwood’s groundbreaking first film in the successful series. In the original Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward star as two small-town handymen who discover all is not well in their hometown of Perfection, mainly due to the huge worm-like creatures who appear from underground and devour the population.

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