Universal announce a slew of titles

October 22 will see three releases from Universal - two will feature three films, the remaining release will be just the one!

The John Ford Cavalry Trilogy Boxset will feature three stunning John Ford westerns - Fort Apache, She Wore a Yellow Ribbon and Rio Grande. All three star John Wayne in the leading role. The first of the trilogy - Fort Apache - pits Fonda against Wayne. Fonda plays Colonel Thursday, a stubborn and bitter leader posted to command a small fort deep in Indian territory. Wayne's stubborn Captain York is an excellent foil to Fonda's inexperience in dealing with the Apaches as the head towards the inevitable confrontation. This DVD will feature a 4:3 transfer and mono sound along with the film synopsis as an extra.

She Wore a Yellow Ribbon sees Wayne playing Captain Nathan Cutting Brittles, a highly experienced officer due for retirement. He is given an order to accompany the daughter of his Major to the Poststation, a task he's outwardly opposed to. Upon their arrival they discover the Poststation has been destroyed and the inhabitants killed by the native Indians. The extras on this one include a photo gallery, original trailers and a John Wayne filmography. The transfer a 4:3 full frame with mono sound.

Finally, Rio Grande rounds off the trilogy. Office Kirby (Wayne) runs an outpost on the Rio Grande training new recruits. One of the young trainees turns out to be his son, who he has not seen for 15 years. This one features a making-of documentary, picture galleries and another Wayne filmography. The picture is 4:3 full frame and the sound is mono.

Next we have the Spike Lee DVD Triple Pack featuring Do The Right Thing, Jungle Fever and Clockers.

Clockers is written and directed by Lee and tells the story of a young drug dealer, Strike (Mekhi Phifer), who keen for promotion working under local crime boss Rodney Little (Delroy Lindo). A good opportunity for advancement shows itself in the murder of a fast-food restaurant worker who has been causing trouble. Harvey Keitel and John Turturro play the two tough homicide cops on the scent of the murderer. This disc will feature trailers, Dolby Digital 5.1 sound and an anamorphic transfer.

Jungle Fever stars Wesley Snipes in a story of mixed-race relationships. He plays Flipper Purify, a successful architect who falls in love with his white Italian secretary Angie Tucci (Annabella Sciorra) in an America which is not ready to accept mixed-race relationships. As their relationship grows they are cast out by their families and shunned by their close friends. The film also stars Samuel L Jackson, Anthony Quinn and John Turturro. The disc features trailers, a featurette, an anamorphic transfer and a 2-channel Dolby Surround soundtrack.

Rounding off this trilogy is Do The Right Thing, Lee's acclaimed satirical hit combining humour and drama. It's the hottest day of the summer in Brooklyn, Sal's Famous Pizzeria, run by an Italian family for generations becomes a target after local blacks become angry that there are no framed pictures of black stars on the walls of the restaurant. The film stars Danny Aiello, Spike Lee, John Turturro and Ossie Davis. The DVD features an anamorphic transfer, Dolby Surround sound, a director's commentary, making-of, behind-the-scenes, a location visit with Spike Lee and storyboard stills.

The last release of the month comes in the form of The Relic starring Tom Sizemore and Penelope Ann Miller and directed by Peter Hyam. Taking plenty of cues from films such as Alien and it's sequels, The Relic is full of shocks as an unknown creature goes on a murderous killing spree through a museum. The DVD features an anamorphic transfer, Dolby Digital 5.1 sound and the theatrical trailer. The Relic is due for release on 22 October.

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