UK Region 2 Dates and rumours

I've been chatting to a number of our industry friends to see if I could get hold of any release dates/information that may not have appeared elsewhere before. I was partially successful and we have dates for a number of titles.

So far, it's the summer's best film and now we have insider information courtesy of Retronana that Shrek is scheduled for release on 12 November. Even better is the news that the animators are already busy working on some new footage just for the DVD - so it's looking like Dreamworks are serious about this one.

Also, another industry insider has confirmed our earlier news item on the Buffy: Season 3 date of 29 October. It is indeed looking like the slayer will be back for the third time just as we said! This also means our 10 December Angel date is a distinct possibility as both of these came from the same source.

Further to our news stories on Memento, it looks as though Pathé are set to release the film in the UK in early October. Our source (yes, another one!) on this one suggested 1 October - although I still need to look into this to see how accurate it is.

It looks as though Fox are to release Futurama is definitely on for release early next year. Much like The Simpsons, we'll be getting a host of extras to accompany the first series including commentary tracks on all of the episodes. More good news is that The Simpsons are also returning for their second season on DVD and we can confirm that all of season two will benefit from commentary tracks as well.

Those of you looking forward to Star Trek: Voyager may have to wait a little longer. Reports earlier this year suggested that we could expect boxsets to start appearing before the the end of 2001 - this isn't looking too likely now and one Paramount person we spoke too suggested 2002 at the earliest. Once again, this isn't confirmed and needs further investigation. On a related note, one source who wishes to remain anonymous mentioned that the people at Paramount are already considering their DVD plans for the new Star Trek series - Enterprise. More on this as we get it.

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