Two from the Arkoff Film Library this November

Direct Video Distribution UK Ltd have announced two more titles from the Arkoff Film Library - Reform School Girl and Blood of Dracula for 17th November 2003. Both will offer Dutch and German subtitles, a 50-minute audio interview with Samuel Z. Arkoff and 9 original Theatrical Trailers.

Reform School Girl tells the story of a pretty teenage girl as she gets caught up in her boyfriends criminal ways. When taking her out for a spin in his new stolen car he hits and kills a pedestrian. The callous ruffian then frames her for his crime and she is sent to Reform School hell. But it is only the beginning of her problems as the other inmates turn against her as the rumours and the girl fights commence.

Blood of Dracula tells the age-old story of a father tragically widowed and quickly remarrying what seems to be nice lady but who quickly turns into an evil stepmother from hell! Quickly showing her true colours, she packs up her beautiful new stepdaughter and sends her off to boarding school! But this is the just the beginning of the girl's worries as a fiendish teacher takes her under her wing and hypnotises her to become a vampire, killing at the teachers will!!

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