Twilight Samurai Postponed

From the press release:

Tartan Video has announced that it will delay the planned August 23rd DVD release of the modern Japanese classic Twilight Samurai. The decision was taken due to the fact that the quality of the materials that were made available was deemed to be of insufficient standard.

Sam Dunn, General Manager of Tartan Video, said: “We pride ourselves on producing DVDs that are mastered from the highest quality audio and video elements – take our recent releases of The Hired Hand or Audition for example. Customers have come to expect nothing less than the very best from our discs, and we simply can’t justify releasing such visually arresting films as these in versions that don’t do them the justice they deserve. For these reasons, Twilight Samurai has had to be taken off the immediate release schedule.”

Currently in the process of releasing a range of specially-packaged ‘Collector’s Edition’ titles, Tartan Video has taken great pains to ensure that their discs are the very best versions available anywhere: Audition features 5.1 audio tracks that were specially created from original source elements, and the remastered anamorphic video has been encoded at what might well be the highest bit-rate ever used for a home DVD Video release; August 23’s The Eye features newly-created DTS-ES 6.1 Discrete surround audio as well as a stunning, digitally remastered anamorphic print that has, once again, been encoded at the highest possible bit-rate; Similar treatment is currently underway for the September 27 release of John Woo’s Asia Extreme classic Hard Boiled. For this release, Tartan has gone back to original source materials and created the only legitimate anamorphic video master, telecined and digitally restored from a low contrast 35mm print. Once again, this DVD will feature specially prepared Dolby Digital and DTS 5.1 audio options (both English and Cantonese language tracks will be featured) and will be encoded at the highest possible bit-rate for the best playback quality afforded by DVD technology.

Tartan MD Alan Partington said: “We have had excellent retail and rental support for this highly-anticipated title, and regret that it has had to be delayed. We are obviously keen to make it available as soon as is humanly possible, but the issue of quality must come first.”

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