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TV Drama from 4DVD in May

Channel 4 DVD have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of four classic TV dramas on 19th May 2008. Priced at £19.99 each are…

Porterhouse Blue - Malcolm Bradury’s TV adaptation of Tom Sharpe's comic novel Porterhouse Blue. This satirical British miniseries surveys the machinations of upper-crust academics at the elite Cambridge College. Drama ensues when reform-minded Sir Evans (Ian Richardson) is appointed headmaster. Determined to modernize this old-fashioned institution, Evans finds himself at odds with its recalcitrant staff, chief among them the devious Skullion (David Jason).

Longitude director Charles Sturridge’s two-part film Shackleton, first screened in 2002, was one of the most expensive and ambitious television dramas ever made, and won two Emmy Awards and two BAFTAs for its efforts including Best Drama Serial. Starring Kenneth Brannagh as Shackleton, it is a modern drama about a contradictory hero whose idiosyncratic leadership triumphs in the face of unbelievable adversity. The films start with Shackleton's ingenious plans and efforts to finance his dream in London, the journey to the Antartic, the epic expedition and fight for survival; concluding with the final dramatic rescue of his crew. With location filming in London, Buenos Aires and the Arctic, the production of the film is as dramatic and heroic an undertaking as the original expedition.

Triple RTS award-winning Sword of Honour sees award-winning novelist and screenwriter William Boyd bringing Evelyn Waugh’s classic trilogy of the Second World War vividly to life in this epic two-part drama starring Daniel Craig, Megan Dodds and Leslie Phillips. At the heart of the story is Guy Crouchback’s (Daniel Craig) heroic quest to fight for a deep moral cause and to reclaim his manhood after a shattering divorce from the society beauty Virginia Troy (Megan Dodds). But his encounters with the absurd reality of life in the British Army, strewn with bureaucratic blunders, military debacles and indelibly funny characters, prove to be more of a challenge than facing the enemy itself.

Finally, Camomile Lawn (1992) sees Felicity Kendal and Paul Eddington star as Helena and Richard Cuthbertson in this BAFTA-winning classic adaptation of Mary Wesley’s much-acclaimed second novel, directed by Peter Hall. It is August 1939 and five young cousins gather on the Camomile Lawn behind Aunt Helena’s house for one last terror run along the Cornish cliffs. The immsinent outbreak of war brings with it a heady sense of exultation and freedom, and for Oliver, Calypso, Polly, Walter and young Sophy, the Camomile Lawn becomes the touchstone for their lost innocence.

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