TV 'Classics' from Network

Network Video have announced a selection of TV classics for DVD release over the next couple of months.

Charley Says is a collection of over 150 Public Information Films produced by the Central Office of Information. There's quite a selection here - Charley the Cat, Jo and Petunia, Alvin Stardust and many more - but quite why ANYONE would want to buy a DVD with all this stuff on is anyone's guess! This one is due on 27 August retailing at £14.99.

Next up we have three volumes of The Flashing Blade due on 30 July. Each volume will retail at £15.99 and there will also be a DVD twin pack retailing at £24.99. I can see you're all getting excited now.

If you thought it couldn't get any worse, bad news - it can and does. Next up we have the old BBC series Rentaghost. I personally hated this as a kid and really am not looking forward to it now! This one is due on 30 July.

Black Beauty slightly redeems things for us with two DVDs being released on 30 July and 27 August respectively. Volume One will feature the best episodes from the first series, Volume Two will feature the best from the second. Both will retail for £14.99.

Finally, Gerry Anderson fans will be interested in Space Patrol which hasn't been seen on British television since 1968. The DVD due on 27 August features six of the 'best' episodes from the first series along with interviews with creator Roberta Leigh, voice artist Dick Vosburgh, Babylon 5 creator JM Straczynski and 'fan' Andy Partridge.

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