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Trumptonshire in March

“Here is a box, a musical box wound up and ready to play…” In 1966 when these words were first broadcast on BBC ONE it signalled the birth of a brand new style of children’s animation. It was conceived with the new invention of colour television in mind and went onto become a children’s classic, on-air for the next 30 years. Available digitally restored for the first time on DVD, Trumpton, Camberwick Green and Chigley feature all 39 episodes and are released by Right Entertainment from March to May priced at £14.99 each.

Trumptonshire the imaginary county where these three villages were based, was the brainchild of Gordon Murray and was narrated and sung by Brian Cant (Play School, Play Away) whose distinctive voice was synonymous with children’s television for a whole generation. Produced by using the skills of stop frame animators, Andrew and Margaret Brownfoot the series proved an instant success and has remained popular for 40 years with Trumpton voted 22nd greatest in a recent Channel 4 poll of the 100 greatest Kids TV Shows of All Time.

The series’ array of popular characters; Windy Miller, Dr Mopp, Miss Lovelace and her dogs and the legendary firemen Pugh, Pugh, Barney McGrew, Cuthbert, Dibble and Grubb (incidentally they never put out a fire) plus the programme’s gentle storylines and the general quaintness of Trumptonshire seemed to be at loggerheads with the ethos of the 1960s and its love of everything modern and mechanical. Windy Miller with his windmill, 3 wheeled tricycle and traditional organic farming methods was a particular favourite and became a symbol of a bygone world whose charm and values represent a county idyll that still holds great appeal in 2006.

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of this piece of British animation history, each series has been fully restored using state–of –the - art technologies reproducing the original broadcast quality of colour and sound. The DVDs also contain fantastic bonus footage that fans will treasure and include an interview with Gordon Murray in the Trumpton release, the story of the restoration in the Chigley release and a Trumptonshire Art Gallery.

Release Dates:

Trumpton - 27th March 2006
Camberwick Green - 8th May 2006
Chigley - 19th June 2006

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