Transformers Season One on R1 DVD

That’s right, the complete first season of Transformers is coming to R1 DVD on April 23rd and contains all 16 episodes from season ons: More than Meets the Eye Part 1, More than Meets the Eye Part 2, More than Meets the Eye Part 3, Transport to Oblivion, Roll for It, Divide and Conquer, Fire In the Sky, SOS Dinobots, Fire On the Mountain, War of the Dinobots, The Ultimate Doom Part 1, The Ultimate Doom Part 2, The Ultimate Doom Part 3, Countdown to Extinction, A Plague of Insecticons and Heavy Metal War

Available separately on 3-DVDs at $29.95 each or as a box set with a bonus fourth disc for $59.95 the episodes will be presented in their original 4:3 Aspect Ratio with an all-new Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Audio track. Those who opt for the box-set will be treated to a fourth disc featuring outtakes and anomalies, the Japanese "Transformers" show opening bumpers, Japanese bumpers, the script from the episode "Transport to Oblivion" and "A Taste of Botcon" - highlights from the 2001 Transformers Convention and a fantastic looking box!


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