Toy Story 10th Anniversary Edition in September

Buena Vista Home Entertainment have announced the Region 1 DVD release of Toy Story 10th Anniversary Edition for 6th September 2005 priced at $29.99 SRP. In celebration of the anniversary of Pixar's ground-breaking computer animated film’s theatrical debut, this new 10th Anniversay Edition utilizes advanced video technology to provide a higher digital “bit rate” than the original presentation -- the highest in a Disney presentation of a Pixar film on DVD ever. The Toy Story 10th Anniversary Edition boasts a remarkable audio experience thanks to enhancement by seven-time Academy Award®-winner* Gary Rydstrom. Rydstrom, who recently joined Pixar and was an original member of the Toy Story production team, re-visits the film to supercharge the audio to a powerful new Dolby Surround-sound 5.1 EX Mix, the finest DVD audio quality available.


  • Feature Film Presentation
    • Presented in Widescreen 1:77:1 aspect ratio with picture direct from Pixar’s digital source
    • Encoded with highest DVD bit-rate ever used for a Disney/Pixar film
    • Audio remastered by Academy Award? winner* Gary Rydstrom for Dolby Surround-sound 5.1 EX

  • All-New “Legacy of Toy Story” Featurette

  • Filmmaker Audio Commentary - Allowing viewers to watch the film along with Pixar writer/director John Lasseter and his creative team including Andrew Stanton, Pete Docter, Bill Reeves, Ralph Eggleston and Producers Ralph Guggenheim and Bonnie Arnold

  • Sneak Peek – Rev up for Pixar’s Next All New Animated Feature “Cars” - A never-before-seen look under the hood at Pixar Director John Lasseter’s newest film


  • New “The Making Of Toy Story” Featurette - A fascinating look behind-the-scenes at the computer animated feature that started it all.

  • Deleted Scenes (Fully Animated)
    • Movie Introduction
    • “Sid Tortures Toys”
    • “Rain”

  • Deleted Scenes (Story Reels)
    • Filmmaker Introduction
    • “Alternate Opening: Buzz Lightyear Cartoon”
    • “Alternate Opening: Western Shootout”
    • “Woody’s Nightmare”
    • “Eastern Gate”
    • “Shakes the Rattle”
    • “Sid’s Comeuppance”

  • Early Animation Tests - Woody, Buzz, Andy, Sid, Mom and Molly
    Fascinating tests the animators did to develop the memorable Toy Story characters

  • Design Highlight Featurettes
    • All-New Documentary Short “Designing Toy Story” - The original design team, led by Art Director Ralph Eggleston, revisits their innocent youth to recount how the design of Toy Story came to life
    • Documentary Short “Designing Color” describes how color and light were used to tell the emotional story of Toy Story
    • Character Design (art galleries and character “turn arounds”)
    • Set Design (art galleries and rendered set tour)
    • Color and Lighting Design (Video and Art Gallery)

  • Story Highlight Featurettes
    • Storyboard Pitch - Green Army Men Pitch
    • Story Reel - Andy’s New Toy

  • Production Materials – Further insight into the making of the film.
    • Production Tour
    • Production Progression (chase sequence)
    • Layout Tricks
    • Animation Tour (Ash and Pete)
    • Early Animation Tests
    • Shading and Lighting
    • Render Bugs (7)
    • Buzz Lightyear Commercial

  • Publicity Materials – Fascinating look at many of the marketing materials
    • Character Interviews
    • Teaser
    • Trailer
    • TV Spots (4)
    • Ad Print Campaign (auto play gallery)
    • Toys (auto play gallery)

  • Music and Sound – A listen of the evolution of audio/songs of Toy Story
    • All-New Music Video from Lyle Lovett and Academy Award?-winner Randy Newman singing “You’ve Got A Friend In Me”
    • Sound Design Documentary Short
    • Randy Newman Song Demos – audio tracks with stills:
      - “You’ve Got a Friend In Me”
      - “Strange Things”
      - “Plastic Spaceman #1, #2”
      - “The Fool”
      - “I Will Go Sailing No More”

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