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Tony Rome, Lady in Cement & The Detective (R2) in July

Fox Home Entertainment have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of three Frank Sinatra crime dramas for 3rd July 2006. Available separately priced at £12.99 each or as a box-set priced at £19.99 are…

Tony Rome
New-to-DVD is this 1967 classic, where Frank Sinatra plays gumshoe Tony Rome. Rome is called in by his ex-partner to track down a missing girl, Diana Pines, but when he completes his assignment and finds her drunk and unconscious in a hotel room the hard work really begins. The hotel manager hires Tony to take the girl home. Diana (Sue Lyon, Lolita) hires Tony to find her missing diamond brooch, her father hires him to keep her out of trouble, and her mother hires him to cover up any trouble he may come across…

Lady in Cement
Tony Rome is back, and back in trouble! While diving off the coast of Miami, Tony discovers a beautiful blonde at the bottom of the ocean with her feat encased in cement. Back on dry land Tony is hired to find a missing woman, and a web of intrigue unfolds which connects beautiful starlet Kit Forrester (Raquel Welch), “reformed” racketeer Al Munger (Martin Gabel) and the unidentified body at the bottom of the sea…

The Detective
Frank Sinatra is Detective Joe Leland in this second new-to-DVD release. Leland is called in to investigate the brutal murder of Theodore Leikman Jr., and from the nature of the crime and Teddy’s homosexuality it is presumed that the murder is the result of an argument between two lovers. Leland hauls the suspect in for questioning and drags a confession out of him, but after the execution the Detective begins to doubt the man’s guilt, and his own integrity.

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