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TLA Releasing bring Gay-Themed Films to the UK

This autumn the British home entertainment market will welcome a new DVD distribution company dedicated to the release of exceptional gay-themed films from around the world that have proved to be critical and popular successes.  Under the name TLA Releasing, the new label will release 2-3 titles per month to the UK Market.

‘Virtually every time we release a film in the US, we get inquiries from the UK as well,’ said Raymond Murray, President of TLA Releasing. 'European and Asian gay art films can be found on UK shelves, but there are many popular films especially from the US that don’t get British distribution and that would be of interest to British audiences. We think we can fill that void and reach out to this eager but underserved market.’

The initial focus of TLA Releasing distribution will be films that have high-profile stars in their casts, have earned critical acclaim and high box-office numbers in their native countries, and have garnered major awards at film festivals around the world.  Generally, most titles will be English-language, with initial films from the US, Canada, and Ireland, but the catalogue will also feature films from Spain, Germany, Israel, Russia and beyond. 

TLA Releasing will debut on 26 September 2005, with the release of three titles:

LATTER DAYS (US):   An award-winning romance between two very different young men in Los Angeles: a closeted Mormon missionary and an ‘out’ party boy.   The film was written and directed by C. Jay Cox, screenwriter of Reese Witherspoon’s hit SWEET HOME ALABAMA, and features a cast led by Jacqueline Bisset, Mary Kay Place and Joseph Gordon-Levitt (‘Third Rock from the Sun’, MYSTERIOUS SKIN).

EDGE OF SEVENTEEN (US):   Set in middle-America in the 1980s, a teenager tentatively steps out of the closet after being inspired by such androgynous musical heroes as Boy George.  The film was directed by David Moreton (TESTOSTERONE), and was written by Todd Stephens (GYPSY 83) based on his own life story. The film features a strong soundtrack from artists such as Bronski Beat and the Eurythmics.

EVERYONE (Canada):  A quirky comedy of relationships that won the Golden Zenith award at the Montreal World Film Festival for Best Canadian Film. A middle-class gay couple in Vancouver decides – reluctantly – to hold a marriage ceremony and invites all their straight, married siblings to the event.  The guests arrive without gifts – but with a wide range of their own emotional baggage. 

After its 26 September debut, TLA Releasing will continue its monthly schedule with the following releases:

24 October

REGULAR GUYS:  From Germany, Rolf Silber’s comedy of manners
about a straight, macho cop who gets drunk and wakes up the next morning in the arms of another man;

COWBOYS AND ANGELS:  Set in Limerick, a compelling coming-of-age story that follows two roommates – one a gay fashion student, the other a straight civil servant – as they grapple with the onset of adulthood.

28 November

P.S. YOUR CAT IS DEAD:  Steve Guttenberg’s directorial debut and the long-awaited film adaptation of James Kirkwood’s cult novel about a luckless actor who kidnaps a burglar;

YOSSI & JAGGER:  Director Eytan Fox’s (WALK ON WATER) story of two Israeli soldiers who fall in love while serving in a remote military outpost on the Lebanon border; one of Israel’s first gay-themed films.

26 December

THE TRIP:  Miles Swain’s epic romantic and political drama that follows the relationship between two men from the early 70s to the mid 80s.

Future releases include the Spanish family drama BEAR CUB, the Russian romantic triangle YOU I LOVE, and the provocative romance between two musician brothers HARRY AND MAX by Christopher Munch (THE HOUR AND TIMES).

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