Thy Kingdom Come trailer: Terrence Malick spin-off with Javier Bardem

For quite some time the idea of new film by Terrence Malick got film fans excited at the prospect of seeing something fresh from the auteur. As his output has increased significantly since 2011's spellbinding The Tree of Life, his free-floating and meditative approach has grown staler with each release.

He has never been a director afraid of cutting big name actors from his films, using the hours of footage he curates to find a final narrative in the edit. 2012's To The Wonder is one such film but surprisingly Malick has pieced together a 43 minute short based around Javier Bardem‘s Father Quintana character to create Thy Kingdom Come.

Photojournalist Eugene Richards was hired in 2010 to shoot Bardem's scenes in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. They started interviewing local residents who either didn't recognise or care that they were speaking to Bardem and were open to reveal personal thoughts and intimate stories related to their lives. Richards has long since been trying to convince Malick to release the footage in feature film form and it will finally find life in the shape of this unexpected docu-drama.

Thy Kingdom Come will premiere at SXSW in March this year.

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