THX 1138 Director's Cut in September

Warner Home Video and American Zoetrope will release THX 1138: The George Lucas Director's Cut DVD in September 2004. Made in 1971, THX 1138 marked the stunning debut of George Lucas, one of the screen’s most innovative filmmakers and was produced by Francis Ford Coppola and his revolutionary American Zoetrope studios. Produced at the height of the American independent movement, THX 1138 stars Robert Duvall in a though provoking and visually rich exploration of a theme that would repeat itself throughout Lucas's career: One man's quest to realise his own potential amid an oppressive society.

Warner Home Video worked with Lucasfilm and Lowry Digital Images to perform a complete digital restoration and remastering of THX 1138. For months, the restoration team removed decades' worth of dirt and scratches that had accumulated on the film's negative and meticulously restored the film’s sleek, striking images to be as clear and stunning as George Lucas intended.

You can find more information on the recently opened official THX 1138 website, and below we have the specs for the two-disc Region 1 Special Edition DVD release which has been announced for 14th September 2004 with a retail price of $26.99. A single disc version which only includes the audio commentary will also be released at $19.97.

The R2 release is identical, read the announcement here.

Disc 1

  • New anamorphic widescreen transfer with English DD5.1 Surround
  • Newly restored and remastered image by Lowry Digital Images
  • French and Spanish Dolby Surround
  • English, French and Spanish subtitles
  • Commentary by George Lucas and co-writer/sound designer Walter Murch
  • Theater of Noise - Isolated sound effects track
  • Master sessions with Walter Murch
Disc 2
  • A Legacy of Filmmakers: The Early Years of American Zoetrope - New documentary
  • Artifact from the Future: The Making of THX 1138 - New documentary
  • Electronic Labyrinth THX 1138:4EB - The original student film
  • Bald - Classic production featurette
  • Original Theatrical Trailer
A trailer for the director's cut can be found on the official website, here is a direct link (11.1mb Quicktime).

Below we have the box artwork for both special two-disc and film only one-disc editions...

And here are some menu screens from the two-disc special edition...

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