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Three Satyajit Ray Blu-rays in August

Artificial Eye has announced the release of three Satyajit Ray titles onto UK Blu-ray for August 12th, 2013. (Extras TBC)

Running time: 117 Minutes / Certificate: PG

India, 1870: Neglected by her ambitious journalist husband, the lonely Charulata befriends his cousin, a sensitive, aspiring writer named Amal who offers to help Charu with her own creative expression. Almost inevitably their feelings for each other begin to deepen, but when Amal shies away Charu is left to pick up the pieces of her broken life on her own. Adapted from a story by Rabindranath Tagore, Ray considered this sensitively realised drama – released here for the first time on Blu-ray in the UK – one of his finest achievements.

Running time: 65 Minutes / Certificate: PG

Depressed and alone after the death of his wife, a lawyer named Gurupada is looking for help. Meeting a holy man claiming to have met Jesus and Buddha, he decides to join his band of affluent disciples. But when his daughter and her lover also become involved the holy man’s tales start to sound a little far fetched… A quick-witted romantic comedy with fantastic characters and memorable performances, Ray’s lightness of directorial touch belies a cutting criticism of Indian post-war society.

Running time: 74 Minutes / Certificate: PG

Stranded in a small town when his car breaks down on a research trip, a screenwriter named Roy is shocked to discover that a girl he once loved is now married to the tea plantation owner who has offered to put him up. Recalling his inability to commit to her and the relationship’s resultant breakdown, Roy attempts to make amends for the past but finds time hasn’t healed the wounds.

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