Three Music DVDs from Sanctuary Visual Entertainment

Sanctuary Visual Entertainment have announced the UK DVD release of Gary Moore - Live At Monsters Of Rock for 6th October 2003 with a retail price of £19.99. Recorded during Gary's appearances on this year's incredibly successful Monsters Of Rock tour with Whitesnake and others, this 63 minute DVD perfectly captures the energy and virtuosity of Gary Moore's live performance.

Presented in Anamorphic Widescreen with both DD5.1 Surround and DD2.0 Stereo audio you will also find two bonus features: a 14 minute soundcheck and 15 minute backstage interview with Gary Moore.

The setlist: Shapes Of Things, Wishing Well, Rectify, Guitar Intro, Stand Up, Just Can't Let You Go, Walking By Myself, Don't Believe A Word, Out In The Fields, Parisienne Walkways

Sanctuary Visual Entertainment have announced the UK DVD release of Brian Wilson presents Pet Sounds Live In London for 20th October 2003 with a retail price of £19.99. This 57 minute concert features the Beach Boys classic 1966 album performed from beginning to end at London's Royal Festival Hall by its original creator Brian Wilson along with a nine-piece band.

The setlist: Show Open, Wouldn't It Be Nice, You Still Believe In Me, That's Not Me, Don't Talk, (Put Your Head On My Shoulder), I'm Waiting For The Day, Let's Go Away for A While, Sloop John B, God Only Knows, I Know There's An Answer, Here Today, I Just Wasn't Made for These Times, Pet Sounds, Caroline No, Band Intros, Good Vibrations, Credits.

DVD Features:
  • NTSC Video
  • DD5.1 & DTS 5.1 Surround
  • DD2.0 Stereo
  • Pet Stories Documentary
  • Brian Wilson Discography
  • Live Photo Gallery

Sanctuary Visual Entertainment have announced the UK Region 0 DVD release of Teenage Kicks - The Story Of The Undertones for 27th October 2003 with a retail price of £15.99. An extensive collection from one of Northern Ireland's premiere punk/pop bands of all-time, this forthcoming DVD follows the top 35 success for the 20-track 'The Best Of The Undertones', just released by Sanctuary Records.

Part punk thrash, part melodic pop, Derry's Undertones were one of the few bands of that era whose music has stood the test of time. Their distinctive sound has recently become part of the zeitgeist, as advertising agencies have utilised their songs in everything from car, mobile phone to bagel TV adverts. Over 23 years later, the music of The Undertones remains as popular as ever. The soundtrack of a generation has come full circle and shines bright in 2003.

About the 'Teenage Kicks' Documentary with John Peel - Northern Ireland - 1975; the Teenage Kicks documentary chronicles the lives of five teenagers who banded together and created music that made an impact on the ever-burgeoning punk music scene; and did so with a vigorous and joyous celebration of their own existence.

Fronted by former choirboy and distinctively voiced lead singer Feargal Sharkey, with John and Damian O'Neill (aka 'The O'Neill Brothers') on guitars, Michael Bradley on bass, and Billy Doherty on drums, they called themselves The Undertones.

In the documentary 'Teenage Kicks', pioneering BBC Radio DJ John Peel made his first visit to Derry in 2000, and discovered the band that recorded his all-time favourite 2-minute plus pop song, 'Teenage Kicks'. The film was eventually premiered in 2001. This is the very first time the critically acclaimed documentary has been released on DVD.

The city that Peel visits has changed considerably since the mid-seventies, but through the use of previously rare and unseen archive footage, the film documentary takes the viewer back to that time and to the birth of The Undertones phenomenon.

Peel embarks on a journey of discovery in which he expresses his amazement at the band's apparent innocence, and the completely artless way in which the band resisted the hype of stardom and all the trappings of fame. The Undertones refused to take their gradual success seriously. They would perform to sold-out concerts of adoring fans, and at the end of the evening they would return home to their parents, who, in turn, waited up for them. Despite their limited ambitions, or paradoxically as a direct result of them, they achieved global success.
  • 128mins (approx)
  • Anamorphic Widescreen (PAL)
  • DD2.0 Stereo
  • Bonus 'Teenage Kicks' documentary with John Peel and the Undertones
  • 7 original promo videos all restored and mixed in 5.1 Surround Sound:
    • 'Teenage Kicks' (1978)
    • 'My Perfect Cousin' (1980)
    • 'Wednesday Week' (1980)
    • 'It's Going To Happen' (1981)
    • 'The Love Parade' (1982)
    • 'Got To Have You Back' (1982)
    • Plus the ultra rare 'There Goes Norman' (1980)
  • Gallery of rare Undertones memorabilia and archive photographs
  • Interview with The Undertones manager Andy Ferguson (2003)
  • Interview with Michael Bradley in New York City (2003)
  • Undertones reunion footage 1999 and beyond

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