Thirteen Days

I've just found a press release that slipped through the net! Buena Vista have announced the Region 2 retail release of the excellent Thirteen Days for 4 February 2002. While the disc appears to be fairly feature packed, it won't include the 'Infinifilm' enhancements present on the superb Region 1 release from New Line. We do however get:

  • Commentary with director, Roger Donaldson, producer and actor Kevin Costner, writer David Self and executive producer Michael De Luca
  • Historical commentary including John F Kennedy, Sergei Khrusacev, Ernest R May, Philip D Zelikow and Pierre Salinger
  • Deleted scenes
  • Visual Effects scene deconstruction
  • Multi-angle scene
  • Historical documentary - 'The Roots of the Cold War'
  • Production documentary - 'Bringing History to the Screen'
  • Historical figures biographical gallery
  • Historical information track
  • Cast and crew filmographies

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