The X-Files - Re-packaged, re-priced, re-released in October

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10 years on from its original airdate, the excitement surrounding The X-Files is starting all over again! Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment are thrilled to be able to present all nine seasons of The X-Files re-opened, re-packaged and re-priced! The first three re-packaged seasons of The X-Files will be available to buy on DVD on 11th October 2004 (rrp. £39.99 each), with the other six seasons to be released in two further stages at later dates.

Remember the frenzy that surrounded The X-Files when it first aired in the mid-90’s? Remember wondering if Mulder was ever going to be proved right in his belief that the truth was out there? Or what happened to his sister? Whether Mulder and Scully would get it together? What the US government was trying to hide? Remember Catatonia's ‘Road Rage’ single, Mark Snow's theme music hitting the charts and Mulder & Scully appearing in the Simpsons?

The X-Files became an overnight phenomenon when it was first launched 10 years ago with Gillian Anderson being voted sexiest female in FHM in 1994, and the series accumulating 15 Emmy Awards and 5 Golden Globes. Never has there been such a thrilling and compelling series, putting the question in everybody’s minds – do the X-Files really exist?

Now’s the perfect time to revisit this classic show and acquire all the answers to your questions – all nine series of the X-Files will be available to buy again on DVD at a very special price. Figure out the truth in your own time, enjoy the bonus features and the great new price!

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