The Wind trailer: A western-horror where evil lies in the land

The TIFF trailers keep on coming and we have another in The Wind, a western-horror that played at the festival yesterday. The trailer looks decent enough and we at the very least know it won't be anything as lame as The Happening (or we hope so). There are no critic reviews just yet but the concept seems promising and it could be another one to mark down to watch when it appears next year. Check out the trailer for The Wind above to see more.

A supernatural thriller set in the Western frontier of the late 1800s, The Wind is about a woman moving to the American frontier to settle it with her husband, where an evil presence soon makes itself known and infects her with paranoia.

Emma Tammi directs her first feature film with the cast starring Miles Anderson, Caitlin Gerard, Julia Goldani Telles and Dylan McTee.

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