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The Time Tunnel Vol. 2 in June

Fox Home Entertainment have announced the Region 1 DVD release of The Time Tunnel Volume 2 for 6th June 2006 priced at $39.98 SRP. Determined to prove that Project Tic Toc was capable of sending humans through time, Dr. Tony Newman and Dr. Doug Phillips entered the project's time tunnel before final tests were completed. Now, caught in time and unable to return home, the two scientists battle to stay alive as the Vortex of Time thrusts them into the middle of some of the most significant events in world history. But even more important, as the time travelers encounter famous and influential people of the past, they must make sure their actions don't inadvertently change history and alter the future.

Episodes and bonus features over the four double-sided discs are as follows…

Disc 1: Episodes

  • The Revenge of Robin Hood
  • Kill Two by Two
  • Visitors from Beyond the Stars
  • The Ghost of Nero

    Disc 1: Bonus Features
  • Interview with Whit Bissell on:
    The French Revolution episode
    The accuracy of the show
    The time travel concept

  • Interview with James Darren on:
    Irwin's sales ability
    How he got on the show
    Irwin's power of persuasion
    What intrigued him about the show
    Irwin's opinion of actors
    Irwin's power on the set
    Pearl Harbor epsiode
    Different ideas for the show
    Green turtleneck sweater
    Fantasy and reality

    Disc 2: Episodes
  • The Walls of Jericho
  • Idol of Death
  • Billy the Kid
  • Pirates of Deadman's Island

    Disc 2: Bonus Features
  • Still Gallery

    Disc 3: Episodes
  • Chase Through Time
  • The Death Merchant
  • Attack of the Barbarians
  • Merlin the Magician

    Disc 3: Bonus Features
  • Interview with Robert Colbert on:
    Working on the show
    Scientists in action
    If the show had continued on
    Quality of the production

  • Interview with Lee Meriweather on:
    How she was cast
    Memories of Irwin
    The show's concept and editing
    Memories of cast & crew
    Disc 4: Episodes
  • The Kidnappers
  • Raiders from Outer Space
  • Town of Terror

    Disc 4: Bonus Features
  • 2002 Unaired Pilot (2:58)
  • "Time Travelers", Irwin Allen 1976 Movie Of The Week

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