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The Sun in a Net in August

Second Run DVD have announced the DVD release of THE SUN IN A NET (Slnko v sieti) on August 12th. From the press release...

Štefan Uher’s exquisite, groundbreaking film is consistently ranked amongst the greatest films in the history of Czechoslovak cinema. It is also recognised as the film that kick-started the ‘Czechoslovak New Wave’, one of cinema’s great creative movements.

Bringing to the screen a number of then-unacceptable social and political themes (given the strict censorship of the time), combined with surprising sexual frankness and an exhilaratingly freewheeling approach, The Sun in a Net presented an authenticity in its depiction of ordinary lives that immediately struck a strong chord with audiences, consequently leading to the film being judged unsuitable by the authorities. This landmark film now finally gets its British premiere fifty years on from its first screening.

DVD Special features

• Superb new HD digital transfer with restored picture and sound
• An Appreciation – new and exclusive interview with filmmaker Peter Strickland (Berberian Sound Studio, Katalin Varga).
• 20-page booklet featuring a new essay by author and film programmer Peter Hames
• New and improved English subtitle translation

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