The Station Agent (R2) in September - Extras and artwork added

Buena Vista Home Entertainment have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of The Station Agent for 13th September 2004. An uplifting tale of friendship, The Station Agent is skilfully directed by actor-turned-director Thomas McCarthy and beautifully performed by the three leads, Peter Dinklage (Elf) Patricia Clarkson (Far From Heaven) and Bobby Cannavale (The Bone Collector). The reclusive Fin McBride (Dinklage) is a dwarf with an obsession for trains. When he inherits a disused railway depot, in the sleepy town of Newfoundland, he seizes the opportunity to live an undisturbed existence, surrounded by railway memorabilia. However, despite his efforts to cut himself off from human company, he reluctantly attracts the friendship of local eccentrics Olivia (Clarkson), an artist grieving for her son, and Joe (Cannavale), the reluctant proprietor of a mobile cafe who has a passion for cooking and an insatiable appetite for conversation and life. Joe's persistent gestures of friendship slowly bring the reclusive Fin and Olivia out of their respective shells, until the three develop an inseparable union, eventually discovering that even isolation is better shared. McCarthy portrays the tight bond of this unlikely trio with affectionate humour, exploring the film's deeper themes of loneliness, grief and the fragile nature of friendship with the lightest of touches.

Bonus features include audio commentary with director Thomas McCarthy and stars Peter Dinklage, Patricia Clarkson and Bobby Cannavale, and 5 deleted scenes.

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