The Simpsons: Season Two

Twentieth Century Fox have announced the Region 2 DVD release of The Simpsons: Season Two. Retailing at £39.99 and due to hit the shelves on 8 July, The Simpsons Season Two DVD Collection will feature all twenty two episodes from the show's second year spread across four discs.

Every episode will feature a commentary track and we can also expect the following extras:

  • Interview with James L Brooks and Matt Groening
  • "Do The Bartman" director's cut music video (with optional commentary)
  • "Deep Deep Trouble" music vides (with optional commentary)
  • David Silverman on the "Creation of an Episode"
  • Emmy awards presentation
  • Bart on the American Music Awards
  • Three Butterfinger TV commercials
  • Five foreign language clips
  • Easter eggs
  • Gallery (animation, magazine covers etc)
  • Early drawings

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