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The Simpsons Season 13 (R2/UK BD) in September

Fox Home Entertainment have announced the UK DVD and Blu-ray Disc release of The Simpsons Season 13 on 13th September 2010. All 22 episodes are included along with the following extras:

  • Audio commentaries on every episode featuring executive producers, writers, directors, cast and notable guest stars on select episodes including Stan Lee, Joe Mantegna, Delroy Lindo, Robert Pinsky and others.
  • Deleted scenes
  • Special Featurettes:
    • A Token from Matt Groening
    • Ralphisms
    • The People Ball
    • The 13th Crewman
    • Blame It On The Monkeys
    • The Games
    • The Sweet Life of Ralph
  • Animation Showcases for eps. The Parent Rap and Sweet & Sour Marge
    • Animatic with episode PIP
    • Storyboard with episode PIP
  • Sketch Galleries
  • Commercials
  • Special Language Feature
  • Easter Eggs

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