The Simpsons Christmas 2 in October

Fox Home Entertainment have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of The Simpsons Christmas 2 for 25th October 2004 priced at £15.99. Just in time for the festive season The Simpsons Christmas 2 includes four previously unreleased episodes...

When The Simpsons realise their finances are in trouble, Homer asks Mr Burns for a raise. In true scrooge style, Mr Burns refuses…instead promoting Homer to ‘Executive Assistant in Charge of Hi-Jinks’! At Mr. Burns prompting, Homer must play practical jokes and for every nasty trick he plays on an unsuspecting sucker in Springfield, he is paid handsomely! Things get a little out of hand when some hi-jinks go wrong and Homer realises his dignity is worth more than money.

On the last day of school before Christmas, Springfield is covered in a blanket of snow after a freak storm. Bart and Lisa are horrified to learn that Springfield Elementary is still in session and arrive at school to find that only a few students and Principal Skinner are in attendance. They realise at the end of the day that they have been snowed in and under Skinner's martial law, the students are forced to suffer through a night at school! The kids manage to make their unbearable situation a little more tolerable by capturing Skinner and taking over the school. Aye Carumba!

In true festive spirit, Homer decides to write an original Christmas Carol … and pens a tune called “Flanders is a Jerk.” The song rockets up the charts and the Simpsons are overwhelmed by the song’s sudden success. They decide to get away from it all and take a peaceful vacation at a dude ranch where Homer and Bart make friends with a Native American tribe and Lisa falls in love…

When Homer is given a rare rookie card by an oblivious-to-its-value Burns, he sells it for a pile of cash. He spends most of the money on himself, only coming to appreciate his greedy ways when he sees “A Christmas Carol” on TV. Once Homer realises his error in judgement he starts to do favours for everyone he can, making Flanders jealous of Homer for becoming Springfield’s new ‘King of Being Nice’. Each desperate to be the best, Homer and Flanders engage in a “nice-off,” each trying to outdo the other to earn the town’s praise.

Cue the "Why do they bother?", "Who buys these?" comments...

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