The Runaways trailer: Three young siblings go on an adventure in the face of tragedy

The tagline of writer-director Richard Heap's first fiction-based drama, The Runaways - "Three Children, Two Donkeys, One Big Adventure" gives you a good idea of the sort of tone to expect. Heap has spent his time behind the camera up until now working in the documentary field and his first foray into full-length fictional storytelling has shades of The Railway Children to it. Part funded by Creative England and BFI Net.Work and part crowd sourced, it's the type of small indie film the UK usually does well. It's getting a small release at the start of next year and you can watch the trailer for The Runaways above.

The Runaways is the uplifting and atmospheric story of three young siblings who, after their father's death, decide to run away in order to evade social services so they can remain together. They embark on a hazardous journey in search of their estranged mother, rescuing their beloved donkeys from the family's donkey ride business along the way.

Heap writes and directs, with the cast featuring Molly Windsor, Mark Addy, Tara Fitzgerald and Lee Boardman.

You can catch The Runaways in UK cinemas on January 10, 2020.

The Runaways (2019)
Dir: Richard Heap | Cast: Lee Boardman, Mark Addy, Molly Windsor, Tara Fitzgerald | Writer: Richard Heap

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